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Color Shifting — 5 Comments

  1. Another Mad-Eye! Harry will be proud. There are a lot fewer elements this time, a departure of sorts for you. Those colours, I love the colours you choose, love’em

  2. The reference to HP doesn’t really speak to me cuz Im not a fan, but I like this image..kinda tribally or even archaic markings from another galaxy. (i have this thing about old runic language). i suspect the difference between laptop i was using and my own crt is in the graphics card.

  3. Rima, the basis for this image just sort of grabbed me and said it wanted an “eye” – and it said it was happy there … so … good! I am delighted you love the colors!

    Sue, perhaps you are right about the graphics card … I don’t really know much about the differences that they create. I am so glad it seems tribal or archaic to you!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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