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Bestowing Awards! — 17 Comments

  1. Hi Sue and Chris ~

    Thank you both for your kind words!

    Sue – that is why I gave you the Inspirational Award – it is so glad it is close to your heart and soul! Do you have an image in mind? I would lvoe to have you make a mandala from one of my images.

    Chris – I am so excited to hear what the new direction will be next Tues! I always read you anyway, but I will be extra eager. No hints??

    Thank you again to you two and others who come and read.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. Well… it has to do with throwing away a lot of what we currently see in marketing. I’m so tired of the same old hype, recycling sales letters and headlines, being pushy or coy, and all of the same old garbage we see recycled over and over. It has to do with being authentic and real and taking a deeper, more spiritual approach. I know I have been guilty of the same stuff, even in my last ebook and subsequent blog posts. I will keep using anything that fits the new criteria and stop using anything that does not.

    To give you another hint, I just bought the domain name: http://www.eightfoldmarketing.com.

  3. Hi Di~
    I will let you choose the image. It needs to be at least 240 ppi, and I would suggest one of your less symmetrical ones. If you want to send more than one, that would be ok with me too.
    😀 Sue

  4. Well, Chris –

    I am delighted to hear that … because that is the basis that I am working from – and I know there is a *lot* more I can do and learn – but the authentic and real is what I feel is my most valuable asset. I look forward to a balance between that and what you have already been doing. Because some of the other ones that we both read, and Sue too, work somewhat but still feel stilted to me. Either that or not grounded … I know I need to be a better business person, but it has to be in harmony with me and who I am!

    And Sue,

    I will send you some images … may not be for a few days … but soon!

    Thank you both!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. I have definitely NOT felt grounded with some of the marketing I have tried. This will be a thorough cleansing, a clean slate… a beginner’s mind. Some marketing ideas will pass muster and feel right, others will be swept out with all the other trash.

  6. Oh, one last thought… I start talking about the changes with next Tuesday’s blog post. I tend to write my posts ahead of time and then post-date them so I don’t have to remember to post!

    Thank you, Diane, for letting me talk about this on your blog.

    One more last thought… initially I will have nothing to sell related to this new thinking. As it all comes together and has been tested and tried I might write another book, but this is not just another hype to get more traffic or sell something new. This comes from a deeper place.

  7. Hi Chris and Sue,

    This is great that you are doing this. Chris!! I am very excited … and Sue, I am glad you are moved enough to subscribe! I think it is important to know when to shift direction. Good for you, Chris!!

    I am so so eager to read it!

    Chris, you are very welcome to be sharing this on the blog – I am so glad you are! What you are talking about sounds right on track with my own principles so I am especially deligthed to promote this work you are doing.

    I think the fact that you have nothing to sell initially gives stronger credence to your words and work, That is comes from a deep place will be evident.

    Good luck with this! I am so excited about this for you and also for the rest of us! I think I will post about this on Tues (or Wed if I need to).

    ~ Diane Clancy

  8. My dearest, you are so kind and generous – I’m so very sorry that I didn’t catch the comment you left on my blog in time to respond before you moved on. We were up at the cottage, then I got some sort of a funky bug, then the dentist… Haven’t been able to face my blog lately.

    This is so nice of you and Neda to show this kind of encouragement. Coming from two “real” artists, it’s priceless. Thanks again.

  9. Hi Rima,

    You have a good excuse – the cottage, the dentist, a bug … any one alone would have been enough … never mind all 3!! You are here now! Thank you and you are welcome!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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