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  1. I think I am still trying to seriously learn how to use Paint Shop Pro, so I am not able to be silly and creative yet. I am looking forward to the day when I can paint like this and be happy with what I create. First I have to learn how to use all the tools. You should be proud of yourself, creating these digital paintings. They are truly beautiful and speak to me very much. I do notice that I am always looking for the symmetry in them and that I am then kind of happy when they are just a little off center. That’s what makes them interesting.

  2. The quote is by Jackson Pollack: “”When you are working out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge.”

    I find that working with symmetrical imagery like you and I do, that the unexpected definitely emerges when putting the pieces together. Its good to loosen up and have fun with our art, I think. I’ve seen everything from clowns in lettuce to totem animals and shamans in my work, and the result has ranged from the humorous to the deep and mysterious.

    This piece is a lot of fun. I’ve felt like that! I would suggest a good dose of pepto-bismal for this fellow’s upset stomach brought on by too much stress and worry! 🙂


  3. Well, Julie, given that others love what you want to throw away, I hope you will refrain from throwing!! I know Susan wanted to trash some photos and I said NO!! These are some her best sellers. I think often we are so close to things we have trouble being objective. Plus different people have different tastes and I don’t like throwing things that someone likes. Though I know many artists will disagree with me.

    Irene, thank you for your comments on my paintings being meaningful to you!! That is a big piece of what keeps me going (not all of it – but part of it). I encourage to use this learning time as a time of playful exploration without having to be serious. Certainly no one can expect you to create masterpieces as you are learning this program … so use this as a stolen time for permission to play. Often I restrict myself so I don’t have to make decisions and then play within that space. So I encourage you to be learning a tool and then allow yourself to play with it!! I hope this helps to give you permission to not have to be an expert to have fun!!

    Sue, thank you for reminding me of the quote. I think of it and you often as I am creating these works. What a great insight about the unexpected emerging from working with symmetry and putting the pieces together. I think that is true – because there is less focus on realism, then things can “pop through.” Very interesting!

    Neda, ok, ok …. I keep thinking I have answered this – but clearly not!! I am glad you are persistent. I love that you and others care!!!! I have made taken this comment and marked it as a post to do …. hopefully soon … I am already writing in my mind.

    Thank you all!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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