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  1. “It is nurturing a playfulness and enjoyment and sharing with others that hasn’t always been true for me around art.”

    I am glad that you are feeling the freedom and the courage to share all of this with us now, Diane. It is wonderful to be witness to the whole process. I look forward to every new image every day. And these are dancers indeed.

  2. When I first started blogging on Xanga, my experience was much like this…finding an audience and sharing the process … with it leading up to the launching of sales of my prints.I don’t really feel I have a responsibility to create art for others, though. I don’t think I do, at least.

    I find that line between social blogging and business blogging still a bit confusing ….but Im sure it’s because Im not entirely sure what Im doing yet with the business.

    It does take a fair amount of courage to put your art out in the world, whether it be online, or in galleries, or wherever.


  3. Thank you so much, Irene – it means a lot to me to look forward to what you have to say!

    Sue, I hope I didn’t communicate that I have a responsibility to create art for others … it is very different from that. It brings me great joy when others are moved by my work. And it feels like part of what my purpose here on earth is.

    Over 20 years ago I did a lot of online stuff (very different and rigid back then) and that was totally social blogging … and it also didn’t have the depth most of the time that the interactions here are having.

    I think building relationships with people is the most important part of marketing. And to work well it has to be authentic and real – not a put-on. So to me, they are not very distinct.

    I agree that all of us who are putting art out have courage … and it is so exciting to me to see people who don’t consider themselves artists creating and sharing!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. First, let me tell you that this piece speaks to me: it has dynamism, vibrancy, and very good choice of colors.

    Your question is difficult to answer: I have been blogging for 4 months now and I am often tempted to just stop. But then, I think of you and all the wonderful people that make up our community and how much joy I am getting with communicating with all of you that my blogging seems necessary for my daily happiness….Very strange feeling.

  5. Hi Neda,

    I am glad this speaks to you! Thank you for sharing how it is for you around the blogging … actually it is similar for me too … These relationships have come to mean a lot.

    ~ Diane Clancy

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