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Rima’s Challenge — 21 Comments

  1. I felt like I was seeing a path leading somewhere beautiful instead of a ferris wheel – but then I did see the ferris wheel, and the fun and excitement that comes with it. How very lovely and vibrant.

  2. Hi Rima,

    Thanks for commenting. A path leading somewhere beautiful – I like that! hmmm …. The funny thing about names – they can help guide the viewer but they can also constrain how the viewer sees a piece. I guess ideally it would be great for someone to see and then to look at the title. It is odd creating these works and having titles quickly – usually I take awhile to get titles … Ferris Wheel is what popped out at me,

    Often I like titles that are less literal too – like “Up, Up and Away” rather than “Ferris Wheel” – hmmm … I am beginning to see why I was leaving things as “Beyonds” for now – it was an interim “untitled” … well, with work, I can always change these things …

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Ok Everyone – the post is finished!! I will be posting in several hours … I want to make sure the regular readers get a chance to read this post first …

    I am eager to hear what you have to say!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. i see the ferris wheel too, and love the subtlety of your titling. before i read rima’s and your comments, what i saw was an electrical power tower…and wondered if art and politics were colliding here? *smile* the unknown after- effects of long term exposure to microwaves, perhaps?

  5. I read your new post a little while ago – I’m fascinated by how you can put your thoughts on “paper”, and allow yourself to examine what you do like that.

    I do have to add something about what I said about symmetry: I didn’t mean at all that I don’t like it – on the contrary, for example, I especially love the gilded leaf ones, so rich and intricate.

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  7. Diane,
    Thanks for highlighting this challenge. It sounds like a fun way to learn. I’m becoming addicted to Photoshop, but have sooooo much to learn. Maybe the discipline of writing down steps while doing a project like this will help things sink in! BTW I love your work.

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