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  1. I agree the last edition works better because the 3 images share a similar range of colors. Blend. Cohesion.

  2. Hi Soul Fish,

    thank you for giving your opinion. To me they clash!! I get a little know in my stomach when I look at that card – the colors don’t go together – they aren’t harmonious. Obviously, public opinion doesn’t agree with me … I love the kitty card – but just not there … maybe I will have to paint a kitty card in the colors that match the other 2 paintings …

    People please keep commenting … thank you!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Get cracking then! Whip the paint box out! We don’t you to have a knot in your stomach. Make your world harmonious. Sounds like a great plan for the day, don’t you?

  4. I like the card with the Quan Yin image, the one with the kitty seems too intense – I agree the colors do clash. The Quan Yin seems so peaceful compared to the intensity of the 2 color images, a nice balance. If you feel you do need to make a change, what about only having 2 images? A business card is so small; on my screen, what you show is twice the actual size. I just think the images would have more impact if bigger. My 2 cents! Good luck,

  5. Thank you again to you wonderful commentors!! Tom, I think you put the finger on what is bothering me (besides the color clash) – it does seem too intense to me. You have identified where I am feeling the balance in the first one … the colorful and then the quiet of Quan Yin. I am just checking out what people think – I LOVE Susan’s 3 image layout – it makes my heart sing! I know you like fewer, (like 1) bigger image(s).

    With Soul Fish pushing in one direction and Tom pushing in another … it has helped me identify where and why I am finding my own balance. So silly, I know … but often I see what I think and feel so much better after hearing others’ opinions.

    There can be – a thing, real but invisible – and as one puts sheets over the thing, the thing becomes clearer and more defined. That is what it is like for me hearing what others have to say about something like this.

    So, Thank you so so much! (Still open to hearing what others say – and getting clearer myself)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. My business card has my name, my contact info and the words “contemporary quilts” next to a close up image of the piece that is in the banner on my website and used as my avatar every where. The back side is a fullview of that same quilt.

    When someone takes my card and looks at my website, or etsy page, or blog, or anything they see the same image and hopefully instantly know it is me. Branding.

  7. Hi Lisa,

    You can probably see that my Conundrum I (the banner, etc) is a big part of my branding .. thank you for sharing how you promote yourself – I think you are doing quite, quite well with promoting yourself! You certainly have a very loyal, expanding set of … what is the right word? Thank you,

    ~ Diane Clancy

  8. Hi Diane,
    While I personally prefer v1 of your card, (v2 being a bit overwhelming)I think that both Tom and Lisa make very good points. I know you were trying to show your diversity with your selections, but I have really begun to identify Conundrum as your recognizable mark. I think its important to keep your business collateral consistent…is there room for your avatar on the back of your card? Keep the full image on the front?
    Musing with you…
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  9. Hi Everyone,

    You have helped me focus away from the Cat Card .., and Tom, Sue and Lisa have steered me again toward the same design and the other 2 cards … ok, ok, I yell “uncle” – isn’t that what they say?

    So, with your encouragement, I have designed version #218 (not really – whew!) and I am going to go write the post and ask AGAIN … thank you so much that you have all taken the time to truly give me your honest feedback!!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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