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  1. Hi Diane, I can’t keep up with your incredible energy and output. Everytime I visit I have to catch up with so many of the wonderful things you are engaged in. When I get back to Austin, I will definitely have more time to “study” each and every word, picture, thoughts, etc. in your recent entries. Wishing you the best my friend and come by my blog to get a small token for all your efforts. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!! Hugs from Beirut.

  2. Me like! Wow, you’re really inspired these days – how are you finding these colours? How energetic, yet elegant. Before I read the title, I saw an owl, believe it or not. But now that Sue has mentionned the elevator, but of course (with a Clouseau french accent)…

  3. Hi Neda, Thanks for your large token …. I look forward to your being able to catch up more … if one ever does in the blogosphere …. I am trying to keep up with you!!

    Hi Sue, Your weird mind – then mine too – that is what I really see – the art deco elevator – so we are on the same wave length.

    Hi Rima, Oh yes, I see the owl – I have tomorrow’s post all written because there are rewards to give out!! But I think I will play another time and work with the owl more.

    I am making the images in Studio Artist and then going into Photoshop and doing an adjustment layer (non-destructive) and then using the hue and saturation and playing with hues. Because I started with the colors from “Water and Earth” the colors are still in the same relationship to each other – wild combos … I want one of that and one of that and one of that … but I think you would get bored with the same image in different colors. I do like this color combo though!

    Hey, Thank you so much for commenting – you have no idea how much this makes my day to feel seen and touched by you guys!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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