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  1. Hey!
    Can you send some aspirin with that pdf? Just kidding.
    Here’s where I stand….
    I would like to see Conundrum full size if you are going to use it as the only image on your business card. From the standpoint of branding, it seems to be reasonable to see the whole thing. I know this would affect your type setting. Could it be rest such as what was done with Susan’s card in v5?
    I do like the three image layout, though, from the standpoint of originality and uniqueness in layout. When the original choices were between the quan yin image and the cat image for your third example, i preferred quan yin.
    So, that being said, with this round I would choose (of the three image versions) v4. where the spherical image is smaller. It seems to me to be lifting off (is uplifted), and I like that there is more white space available.
    I like v2; however, all three images on that card look like fabric, so the spherical image in v4 shows me that you do indeed do very colorful work in a variety of styles.
    Pass the potato salad, would ya?

  2. Hi Sue,

    Do you want the pdf? Glad to send it – but don’t want to clog your box if you don’t …

    I agree I would rather see the whole of Conundrum. But I am not sure what you mean by “rest such as what was done with Susan’s card in v5” … I am sure it obvious, but my brain is spinning a little.

    I am glad you like the 3 image layout too … I like your point that all 3 images in version #2 look like fabric. Good point … I think that is part of why I am – at the moment – heading toward version #4 so far.

    I just don’t see anyway of having Conundrum whole in a horizontal card – unless I put type over the image – and I am not going to do that. With this image it would be too busy.

    And the issues around the vertical card made me pretty committed to horizontal. Maybe I should redo Conundrum into a different shape – joke – it took me well over 100 hours to make that painting … I probably would not sell it.

    Do you want chips with that potato salad?
    Thank you!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Hi Sue,

    I have edited the post with an example to take your suggestion into account. Thank you – I didn’t think it work, but I set about to show it wouldn’t work and it worked much better than I expected … so thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. What if you used a few of your favorite designs and simply had multiple business cards?

    Or… print them all on one large poster, roll it up into a cardboard tube, and then when someone asks you for a business card you could bonk them on the head repeatedly until they bought as much art as you were willing to sell.

    Hmmm… this method might be a lot easier than learning marketing. Maybe Tony Soprano was on to something…

  5. I think I might actually do 2 of these because I really like two of the looks … thank you everybody … there have been changed since people have commented so I hope you go peek at the changes and comment.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. I like the lower 3 versions even more than the one I said yesterday because they show all of Conundrum and seem more balanced. The biggest is naturally my favorite, but the other 2 with more room seem nice too.

  7. Hi again,
    I do like seeing the Conundrum image in its totality, but something is bugging me.
    Would you send the pdfs for Conundrum 2,3,&4 as well as inner flow #2? (Unless you want to make a decision today, then don’t bother, cuz I probably won’t e able to get back to you until tomorrow)

  8. I feel printing two versions is a great idea (I just ran out of aspirin tablets) as well as going bigger as well as the fabric looking threesome does appear ‘fabricy’. I am partial to v2 and v4. Please pass the salad !

    Diane, lots of terrific design work – sounds like things are winding down – decisions and revisions a moment will reverse.

    ~~ Susan Elkin

  9. I just use non-aspirin myself … but seriously, something bothers me too about #4, Sue – even though I like it – I am glad you are going to take a look – your look is worth waiting for!! I sent the pdf – any other takers?)

    Thank you
    Diane Clancy

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