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You Can Search Everything — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Sue,

    It IS on my website – it is in Digital Gallery V. I am thrilled that you like this. I just want so much to keep moving forward toward really having my work out in the world – and having people be moved enough by my work to purchase it.

    But thank you,
    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. I will tell you all what’s on my mind when I can find it. Before going to bed, I always fold it gently on my bedside table, but this morning it was not to be found; not the table, my mind. I wonder if it was because I watched the documentary on the creative genius of Mr Van Gogh last night.


    So today we’ll start mindless. I must admit the body feels differently. Will we get used to it? We’ll keep you posted.
    I am so happy to see we are now on the chamomile mode here. I will readily admit that the last days’ hyperactive mode of lady D. left us breathless. To watch her mind at work made us dizzy. But she was successfull in bringing a karmatic sense of timeless, oceanic calm. Let’s enjoy the images. May the reflections shown in this new image be a catalyst to continue our soul seaching. The which I will do when I find my mind. Although mindless and soulless we are still VERY groovy. May the Spirit with you all and the Goddess of Exploring your own depth be receptive to your inquiries. Amen, Iman, Omen, U are the World.


  3. Visionary Artists, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Creative Minds and Friends, you’ll know the feeling especially if you are a glasses wearer. You have been looking for your missing glasses, exasperated you suddenly find they always were on your forhead. Well I should have listened to Brother Rumi [ http://www.rumi.net/ ]: look for your mind where it is and not where you think it might be. What an eye opener. I know this blog is about selling your art, not your heart.
    But I would like this community to explore Hearts and Arts.

    How do you know when your art matches your vision?

    Sorry to start with such a trivial question, but as Brother Lao Tse [http://www.classicallibrary.org/laotse/index.htm] once said, you’ve got to start somewhere baby.

    I am playing some music from Zimbabwe this morning:

    1. Kuyaura kweasina musha
    It is the suffering of the homeless

    Kuyaura kweasina musha iwe
    It is the plight of the homeless

    Kuyaura kweasina musha
    It is the suffering of the homeless

    Kuyaura kweasina musha iwe
    It is the plight of the destitute

    Kuyaura kweasina musha
    It is the suffering of the homeless

    Kuyaura kweasina musha iwe
    It is the plight of the destitute

    2. Vakuru vepano varipi vatiudze zano?
    Where are the elders to give us advice?

    Chembere dzekuno dziripi dzatiruma nzeve?
    Where are the old women to bite our ears?

    Harahwa dzekuno dziripi dzatibayire zanhi?
    Where are the old men to prick the leaf?


    Our first mile, from Soulless to Soulful. I am on my way sings Louis Armstrong

    May the day be zappy!

  4. Hi Soul Fish,

    Thank you for sharing your creative process with us this morning. Those are some quite good links too.

    I am glad you are happy – as I am – that I have gotten through this process of creating my welcome to everyone here. It is a relief for me too!!

    And thank you – again – to everyone for help.

    I am sure we can all use some soul searching and I am very happy if my art facilitates that. I think exploring Hearts and Arts is a great idea! This isn’t just about selling my art – I think a lot is about enhancing community and support of each other – that is the heart part.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Wow, Diane! What a fantastic vision of a fantastic world – Love it: the colours, the suns/planets/heavenly bodies, the skyline – all of it. Or what I’m imagining in it. Very thought-provoking, very different, very good. Did I mention that I love it? I love it. Love it. Love. It. Nice work.

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