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  1. Hi Chris,

    You know, I misunderstood your comment before. First I thought you were saying 3 cols were too many and then I decided that you meant they were too bright. Because several had said they preferred the 3 cols. At least I have this in pretty good shape now and I can probably remember things long enough to fix up a 2 col version like this.

    I know I really like having the banner and the title underneath – that I know. Sometimes I like 2 and sometimes I decide the 3 is cool … that is what I consider very decisive!

    Thank you and I hope others will continue to comment.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  2. Mornin, Diane!
    i think i prefer the two column blog for you as well. it’s easier to read…..but i bet you learned a bunch in that proces…
    i hope you think it was time well spent

  3. I hate changa Sista Clance!
    I have gotta find my way around and it ain’t easy when you have a blind mind.
    Holda my mano Sista Di, this new world is terrifying, but I like your new look.
    Is determination your middle name?
    Everything is looking swell. Now we can rock!

  4. That NEW banner is way cool! I could cry. Far out Sista, your are on a mission.
    As for missionaries, the other type, don’t start me on the subject Sista…
    I just come here to look at the new banner, I don’t need no caffeine.

    PS: where is Sister Susan hiding?

  5. Hi Sue – thank you – I am glad you like the 2 cols better! Yes, I learned a lot – but hard to retain it when I don’t use this piece that much.

    Hi Soul Fish, I am so glad you have gone with the flow and like the new look! Determination IS my middle name – for better and for worse. I have no idea where Sista Susan is hiding – you might ask her. I figure if there is enough demand, she will come out of hiding. Glad I can count you on! I really the like the new banner too!

    Thank you, both, for stopping by and commenting.

    ~ Diane Clancy

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