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Flowers III — 5 Comments

  1. Did you draw these peacoks? They are absolutely charming. I agree with the name thing. It is very hard. For mine, I thought of the French name for collage (papiers colles) and I am realizing now that it is quite difficult to think abt it (even my own hubby cannot remember the name of it!). I am working with my sister (maybe when I get back in August) to do something abt it. I have a new blog name but I haven’t figure out how to transfer all this. Anyway, I am really pressed with time and I will try to always post and write when I am overseas…Congrats on the new cards too

  2. Hi Neda,

    When you say a new blog name, do you mean a new web address? Questions – will you stay on Blogger? Are you going to change your Blogger address? You have me very curious.

    If you want, I would be delighted to talk you through the steps as you are changing your blog – and do it here on this blog. It would help you and it would document the process so I would have it written down.

    Think about it. Thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Hi Diane,
    You certainly have learned a lot in a short amount of time! Congratulations. I hope you take time to do something fun for yourself as well.
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  4. You are so nice!!!

    I am just thinking aloud..I will stay on blogger. I find it easy like a daily diary. I really appreciate your offer to help, you are amazing.

    Thank you so much. I need to learn to slow down and really think everything out before I leap (I am too spontaneous).

    Thank you for being you, Diane

  5. Thank you to you both. No I did not create the peacock (it is clipart that I purchased right to). But I DID have the good sense to use it (smile).

    I will try to get some down time – thank you, Sue.

    Thank you, both, again for posting!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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