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Flower Essence I — 7 Comments

  1. I’d go with more descriptive blog titles – I see the list of your posts in my rss reader and it’s not so obvious what they are about. Not that it matters – I open and read them anyway but something more would be cool.

  2. Thank you, Lisa, for responding. My gut had started to tell me that a week or more ago.

    I will implement that within a week. Do you like the Etsy on the sidebar where it is? Or does it interfere with finding the posts and comments? This is a question to everyone – and I would still like to hear from others about the name.

    Thank you again!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  3. Diane,
    As long as you’re talking about reorganizing, I have a thought. I get the posts via email, but I’ve wondered (until now) how one would respond or comment. It doesn’t say anything or give a link on the email as to how to respond. I went to the blog and found this at the bottom. I’d suggest having a button or link thing fairly obvious in the top half of the email and this page that would bring you down here to the comment place. That’s my thoughts. AND this flower essence image is gorgeous! Also this leave a reply thing asks for Mail (will…) required. I’m assuming you mean email address, but it could be clearer. Love and hugs,

  4. I agree with Lisa, more descriptive. Content first, if there’s room the image title also. This is kinda fun to be able to reply so easily, now that I know how.
    Smilin’ Tom

  5. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. As you can see, I have changed things as you and Lisa have suggested. Thank you for excellent feedback.

    About the comment above that one, I love your ideas, but as far as I know, I cannot customize the email without paying for the service. I am sure you are not surprised that I am working to keep costs down. I wish I could personalize it like that – great ideas!

    But I just checked my subscription and it does have “View Comments” and “Track Comments” at the bottom – so that can get you here to post. Trying to figure our what you are suggesting and what I can do here.

    Whatever goes in the email subscription (unless you pay) has to go in the post. Because I have tags and and there is a comment place and a feed place at the bottom of the post (on the blog), then they get picked up in the email sub. I don’t think I want to put info aimed at email in my posts in the blog … I hope you understand.

    I think you know I have a Blogger Blog and in those email subscriptions, there isn’t the same kind of options because they are not built in.

    Did I answer your suggestions at all well? I will keep your ideas in mind in case it makes sense to upgrade.

    I am delighted that you really like this flower essence! Thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. Hi Tom,

    I can understand your confusion about what “mail” means … but it is one of those things that is standard on the web, and I am not savy enough to fix it – but you are right. It was all so confusing to me at first.

    When you get a site up – or at least a blog started – then you will probably want to put your url with your name too – because then people go check you out.

    ~ Diane Clancy

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