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Business Card for Paintings — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    I give this layout five stars. Woohoo! I think your layout dilemma has been resolved in a unique way. Pats on the back to Susan. If I had any comment, it would be with the middle image. It is indistinct to me, and Im wondering if you dont have other images that would better showcase your many talents?
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  2. I agree with Sue, these are beautifully designed cards. But…

    and oh how I hate to bring this up… and keep in mind that I am not singling YOU out nor am I accusing you of doing this…

    So often I see people putting so much time and energy and worry into their image, their brand. As if that is the magic bullet. What I think is really going on is a hesitancy to take action. We spend more and more time getting things just right or learning just a little bit more… and put off getting to work! I have been guilty of this time after time and tell myself every morning to do things that actually lead directly to more business.

    Again, Diane, I am not accusing YOU of doing this. I know how much work you do and I don’t think you have this problem. But I often do and I’m sure others do as well.


  3. I wonder what Neda thinks about the above business card…
    I think it is nearly ready for the printer, however, I would try to play with the position of the smaller text a few more times.

  4. ‘I think you’ve got it’ – You’ve poured your heart and soul into this wonderfully playful business card design (as I know you do with all that comes before you) – from my perspective, I feel it’s ready for printing.

    ~~ Susan Elkin

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