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Art Biz Card Revisited — 9 Comments

  1. After seeing Alyson Stanfield’s hairdo, I am going to the Beauty Salon tomorrow.
    I want to look ravishing. Wait for the picture.

  2. Dear Diane, I have tried to write/post several times before to no avail. I hope you got my latest email (there is a little surprise for you there). I like your card and I wish you lots of success because you deserve it. You go girl!!!

  3. Dear Neda,

    I certainly understand that you are in a hard place. I hope you saw Soul Fish’s good wishes from all of us wishing you safety and health!!

    I appreciate you coming by at all … and just to let you know, I will get back to your blog once I get my computer back.


  4. Hi Soul Fish,

    Have you returned from the salon yet? Are you satisfied with your new look?

    Now that that is out of the way, more importantly ~

    I know you eye is exceedingly discriminating … so I am glad the front passes your muster. How about the back? And the animal card? are they both good to go? I will do that as soon as I GET MY COMPUTER BACK! sorry … go that out of the way for the moment.

    and with Susan’s card, do you agree with Sue that the font should be changed? I know you are a font king .. do you have any suggestions for her?

    thank you so much! by the way, others are welcome to chime in here!!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. As for Ms O’Kiefe’s suggestion that Ms Elkin should get her own font, I have no opposition to the idea, but I would not go to war for it either. I think Ms. O’Kiefe supports the idea of each being, being so unique, should differenciate her image/branding from other. Who would dare to object to that? Let Ms. Elkin look through the gigantic font collection of yours and pick whatever she thinks is appropriate for herself. May the font chosen reflects her essence. But hey, if you two love the common look, so be it. May the font be as appropriate as my new look. Ravishing.

  6. I have just noticed that Ms Elkin has 3 photoblogs!!!!!
    Is that such a good idea? To keep one going is enough work for the average Jane. Three is for Houdini. Just my two cents.

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