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  1. I would test the waters with an eBay store. If you make more profit than the $16/month is costs to have the store, then it’s worth it. The sheer number of people selling art on eBay can make this difficult. On the other hand, the sheer number of people that visit eBay can be a big plus. Test it and see. If this doesn’t work, try selling one item at a time and use your About Me page as a marketing tool to drive people to your web site.

    Another idea… take one of your specialties, say enhanced animal images, and create a website just around that. Have only one page and only one call to action on that page. Give something away for free in exchange for a name and email address (yup that again). The freebie could be a five step mini-course on how to photograph your pet. After you get that information and the potential customer has received the mini-course, send them an offer to take one of their pet photos and enhance it for $9 to $19. After that, you could offer a larger framed print or something else of higher value.

    What do you think?

  2. Wow, Chris – what a lot of great ideas!

    This moment I can reply to only one piece – when I get back home I will say more ….

    The website for “Enhanced Animal Images” – When I took that daylong training (luckily for $10) about search engines and the web that turned into mainly a selling tool for their web package (starting at at over $3000 to set up and host your site for a year), the Enhanced Animals were definitely what I was thinking deserved a whole site.

    The cost is partly what holds me back. My host is inexpensive at $70 per year, but between getting a domain name and hosting, I still see that as a significant investment.

    Perhaps what I can do is set up an area in my site and direct people to that place as another entry point – sort of like this blog – I often direct people here now rather than send them to my main entrance.

    Maybe that would be a way to do what you are suggesting in an affordable way. What do you think?

    ~ Diane Clancy

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