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Business Card for Design Business – Final Version — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,

    Thank you for asking me for some input. This is what I think:

    1. I love the joyful vibes that are coming from your biz card 🙂
    2. The writing is exquisite
    3. I think the “Digitally Enhanced Pet Images” is straightforward but how about using an acronym such as DEPI for example and a little asterisk at the bottom with the full explanation. I think it will look cool and snappy..Just a thought.

    Let’s keep the conversation going and good luck

  2. Finally catching up on blogs after a month of being way too busy.

    Love the business card but I guess I’m not so excited about digitally enhanced as a phrase to describe what you do. It sounds so technical to me. You are doing something more decorative/arty – digital sounds to sterile to me for what you are doing. I’d also toss the word “digitally” because it doesn’t matter how you do it – you want someone to understand what it is. What type of enhancement are you doing? What word would you use for that?


    If I were you I’d make a huge list of words that describe the additions you make and maybe a combination will jump out at you. (okay I admit I didn’t read all your posts in detail about this so forgive me if I’m repeating something you already said!)

  3. Wow! Thank you everyone for your feedback. Each person’s help gets me closer to the name that will really showcase what I do. I keep changing my mind with each thing you write – but that is very helpful because it helps me figure out what is right for me, Thank you!

    A friend emailed me and suggested several helpful names that are in the direction of “Animal and Blooms Portraits.” It helped me clarify that I am not going to use portraits because I think it tends toward my taking the photograph.

    My Dad wants me to go back to the original “Enhanced Animal Images.” He helped clairfy paintings isn’t the right way to market these even though they are digital paintings.

    At this moment I am heading toward “Playful Animal Images.” I like Lisa’s idea of talking about more what the energy is in what I am doing – at least that is how I am interpreting her comment. What do you think of that?

    Wow! Thank you again!
    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Diane,

    I like the idea of play. I agree with some of your readers that the whole enhanced…. is too technical. I think you are getting closer to the creative spirit of your work by putting the element of play. Bottom line, though: go with your heart. It will always guide you. good luck

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