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Business Card for Art Business-Vertical Revisited — 8 Comments

  1. Hello Diane!

    I think these business card designs are great! I really like the vertical one with the images on the front. It’s very bright and eye catching. For the back, I like the horizontal one more than the vertical one. For me it’s easier to read anyways. Either way I think they are all great! I’ll be back to comment more soon!

  2. My design sense preferrence embraces the vertical with a mini “exhibition” of your talent and the horizontal giving contact information. I don’t think it’s weird at all – refreshing is the word I would use. Continue, Diane, to push the parameters. It’s quite obvious you’ve worked many hours to designing your business cards.

  3. Hello Diane,

    To your request for comments on the back, personally, I’m a “turner”, so when I look at the second side of anything, I expect the back to have the same orientation as the front. A direct-mail guru once told me that most people are “flippers”, so a horizontal back on a vertical front would not be annoying to most people, as that would be normally what they see anyway. Either way, good stuff!

    With my own work, I’m always wondering “what if…”, so I thought I’d throw an idea out there for you too. Your style is so organic, I was wondering if you had experimented with a larger version of Conundrum I, so that it bled off the card on the top and sides, with insets of one or two of the smaller pieces in like you have now. Although using the same images, it may give your layout an entirely different feel, and open up to even more interesting designs. Just a thought.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, Aaron. I appreciate your commenting, but I also am glad that you said what you said!

    It has bothered me every time I look at the back and front together – which is a lot. Since you said it too, then I will listen to my intuition. (I know – I should probably just listened to begin with!)

    I will explore your ideas later tonight or tomorrow.

    Thank you, again, to everyone who has been giving me feedback The card will be much stronger from your input.

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Hi Aaron,

    I have been thinking about what you said. You called my style “organic” – seems right when you say it. Would you be willing to say more of what you mean? Also, I would like to know how you SEE that my work is organic – what tells you.

    Thank you!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  6. Hi Diane,

    As cliché as it sounds, when we look at our life and the lives of those around us, we always tend to look at them through the lens of our own experiences. Whether or not we intend to, I think that we cannot help but project a bit of ourselves onto those we come into contact with.

    In that context, I think that when one views art, in any form, we do the same. As I look at your pieces, I look at it through the rules that govern my own work, which is almost exclusively in the graphic design realm – digital, clean lines, clearly delineated boundaries – rules. When I see some of your pieces, especially the more abstract ones, although I can certainly appreciate it, I could never recreate that type of work. So when I see abstract or figurative art, I can only describe it as being a work of evolution, colors and shapes building upon each other to a point that the piece almost has it’s own identity – a living, evolving, ever-changing slice of time in the creator’s life.

    Hence, organic.

    Hope that helps,


  7. Hi Aaron,

    Thank you so much for writing about life and art. I think it IS so true that we project our lives and viewpoints on to others and onto our art. I think we do it 2 ways – we project ourselves into our art as we create it, and also, project ourselves onto art as we look at it.

    I love your definition of organic and creating art! That is exactly how I do create … I do feel as if each piece has its own identity and I am there to help bring it forth. The art has a life of its own and it is also a reflection on my own life at that moment.

    Thank you again for your vision.
    ~ Diane Clancy

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