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  1. Hi Diane,
    When I looked at this image, what I saw was wrapping paper and fabric. It seems there could be another avenue for licensing with this series. You have other images on your website similar to this that would also be appropriate in this way. Have you considered that?
    Are the nozzles in Painter similar to the way you can make symbols in Illustrator?
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  2. Hi Sue –
    I have actually done some marketing with these images for wrapping paper. You have inspired me to write today’s post in more detail about this issue.

    I think nozzles are similar to the symbols in Illustrator. With symbols you can resize and rotate and such, but with Painter the way people often use them is to put in many different variations of an image and then let these variations come out in a natural way. Also Painter nozzles can have shadows.

    But I will look into that. Illustrator didn’t have symbols when I was first working on these designs, so I never thought of symbols. Also, Painter has a way of “moving” around in the small unit block. In a pattern, one starts with a unit of the design and then repeats it in a variety of ways. In Painter one can make the center of the unit on the sides and the sides in the center. This way one can make sure the flow is seamless from one block to another.

    Am I being clear? So that is an advantage to Painter. It is equiped to make designs. But I will have to think if there is a way to use symbols instead. Thank you for your ideas.

    ~ Diane Clancy

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  5. You certainly could take this forward and design images like this for css styles for website design. I would consider buying the right to use them on a website say as a background image alson with other graphics and screen layout could make good web templates.

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