Animals V — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    When I first saw this design, I saw flannel pajamas. I think it would make great wrapping paper for children’s gifts too.These designs of yours are really different..playful, whimsical, lighthearted. The little kid in me wanted to grab my teddy bear and snuggle into bed for a bedtime story.
    Do you think you will pursue other publishers for licensing?
    ~ Sue O’Kieffe

  2. Thank you, Sue, for seeing fabric … I like the pajamas idea. I am definitely planning to pursue other licensing opportunities.

    Last fall I started researching different licensing companies – I need to send my images to the companies that they will be compatible with. I have so many different styles – and some images will (let’s be optimistic here) be right for one company and others for a different company.

    Prioritzing … Also, scared – because I don’t want to have my dream gone … but I DO know that if I don’t try a dream, it won’t be fulfilled!

    Thank you for commenting!!
    ~ Diane Clancy

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