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Abstract Design IX — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Diane,
    My birthday is the end of August. I’d love to have my birthday present wrapped in this paper! That palette is so alive and celebratory!
    I had not heard of ArtFlock before yesterday. I took a look at it, but need to spend more time there. On the surface, it seems to have a bit of flexibility in their payment arrangements. It would be interesting to do a compare and contrast of it with Etsy. I hope you can find some good information about it. I tried to find reviews of it, but came up short.
    ~Sue O’Kieffe

  2. My name is Ed and I look after ArtFlock.com, I hope I can answer some of your questions. ArtFlock.com launched a few days ago (23rd April 07) so you probably won’t find many reviews of the site yet. We do differ from etsy in a few ways. ArtFlock.com doesn’t charge to list work and you don’t have to sell all the artwork you list so it’s ideal for promoting you and your work – not just selling it. Etsy is also for ‘hand made’ goods, where as ArtFlock.com is focused only on fine art and craft.

    ArtFlock.com aims to cover every aspect of promoting artists and makers so you can list your events and exhibitions too as well as featuring lots of previous work.

    In terms of sales we’re more like a traditional gallery, we take a commission on each sale (see the website for commission rates as they may vary). There’s no reason not to have an ArtFlock.com account as well as an etsy account! You can try an ArtFlock.com account and add your work completely free so it’s probably best to try it out – and drop me an email if you need a hand.

  3. Hi Sue and Ed –

    Sue, we’ll have to see about getting this paper ready for your birthday!

    Ed, thank you so much for responding and letting us know about this new site. I wrote more in the post Outer Flow XV.

    Thank you both!

    ~ Diane Clancy

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