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The Light Within — 3 Comments

  1. Reading your entry lets me know I have found a kindred spirit here in the blogosphere! I am fascinated by these digital paintings. Do they print well or do you create these as a form of meditation only? I like that you are able to manipulate the individual layers. Software that I have used that produces similar results initially does not provide that flexibility.

  2. Sue – I am so excited to have found you! I think Spirit was guiding us that you found this blog within a few days of its inception. It helps me quite a bit to read your comments. I know that someone IS listening …

    I create these digital paintings so they will print. One of the first digital paintings I made people loved and wanted to buy cards with it on it. Soon I found out the resolution that I created it in was not truly high enough to print. And even though I have Genuine Fractals to increase image size with a “natural” algorithm, it did not keep the detail that was so engrossing to others.

    So I started creating in a much larger size file – hence the hour or more a layer time for creating. I often would sit doing something else and when one layer got finished, then I created another one … and another one …

    I know there are some great fractal programs for pcs (I assume you are pc and not mac) … but having a Mac, I use photoshop with lots and lots of filter plug-ins. It is so amazing how each program has such a unique footprint. Sort of like people …

    Thank you for stopping by!

    – Diane Clancy

  3. I just love this digital creation, ‘The Light Within.” As I continue to see into this rather magical, swirling dance of light it draws me into imaginable possibilities. My inner landscape is profoundly mesmerized by its form and layers of content. Thank you, Diane.

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