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Heart of Fire — 4 Comments

  1. Though I work in a different medium, I am very familiar with the phenomenon of the unexpected magic. I have the sense you and I have a similar attitude of being a conduit for something greater than ourselves. I love how you are able to bend and twist your paint using masking tape. I might have thought this was a type of collage if you hadn’t described your process so clearly.

  2. Sue, once I saw your work, I knew you worked as a conduit of something greater – it was very clear to me! Part of what keeps me going is that sense of magic.

    Looking at “Heart of FIre” now, to me it almost looks like it could be digital. Collage, digital, acrylic – it is interesting that they could all be used to get the similar image.

    I think of this “hard edge” painting as painting with “sheets of light.” That is part of what is going through my mind when I am painting … Just applying “sheets of light” to the canvas. Sheet after sheet after sheet …

    – Diane Clancy

  3. Diane, I’ve only recently discovered the diffuse filter (filter>stylize>diffuse), but it seems to have very subtle effects on the way light spreads on an image. Try it and see what you think!

  4. I like your artwork, and appreciate you sharing part of your process and technique. It’s very interesting to see new methods for creating art, and your style looks fun and unique.

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