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Two Things Challenge – Hot and Crack Entry

I like to enter the Two Things Challenge each week. This week is Hot and Crack. This is my vibrant, colorful painting of Two Things Challenge – Hot and Crack. Well, I blew it!!  I missed last week’s Two Things Challenge, so I am making up for that today.  Hot and Crack … hmm, are we seeing the Hot and Crack or just the results of it?  I am not sure – do you have an opinion?  Do you think it looks good .. or rather works for Hot and Crack? Please enter the Giveaway mentioned below – free business cards – 2nd LAST DAY!!

Do you Like This?

Do you like this? What do you see in it? This is one I created using different Eyes.  I made quite a few similar Eyes all at once, but I wanted to use them as they seem appropriate.  Do you think this would look good on Zazzle or CafePress? I am never quite sure what others will like!! Thank you!!

True Name for Hot and Crack?

Is this image worth getting a true name? I think it is probably good in my Halloween series, if nowhere else. Got any ideas for a True Name? Who or What do you see in this painting? How do you see it?

I hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for this challenge!  Since I missed the challenge, I can already share the other entries for the last week’s Hot and Crack. Anyone can join in, and I hope you give it a try!! We would love more people playing with us!

Tomorrow is the Last Day of the Giveaway for 200 Business Cards

I was asked to do a giveaway of 200 business cards of your choice (sorry US only). I hope you enter – the blog post is here. (http://www.dianeclancy.com/blog/2013/06/wonderful-giveaway-200-business-cards-from-24-hour-print/) I need folks to enter so I can keep doing these giveways!! So please enter!

Featured and Will Share

One of my long time readers featured some on my work on one of his lists. I am delighted and am going to share that with you soon!

Blog Feedback?

OK – I got started on the sidebar!! What I personally am really missing is the Search Everything box – I have used that quite frequently myself. Do you have opinions? Is there anything on the sidebar that you miss? Do you like the more minimized current look or do you miss all the little examples of my art? How does the blog now look on smart phones and such?

If you have any opinions, please share them … here or on my Facebook page http://facebook.com/DianeClancy.

I hope you are all well!! I feel like I am making progress getting back on solid ground. The heat has been very hard for me! I am surprised by that because usually I enjoy it! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your day!! ~ Diane Clancy

Entry for Two Things Challenge

Two Things Challenge - Hot and Crack Entry

Two Things Challenge – Hot and Crack Entry
Hot and Crack, Digital © Diane Clancy

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