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Two Things Challenge – Dirty and Teal Entry

I like to enter the Two Things Challenge each week. This week is Dirty and Teal. This is my vibrant, colorful painting of Two Things Challenge – Dirty and Teal. I am sure I have the Teal part covered!!  So that leaves the Dirty … I think some of the Teal looks Dirty, that is, muddy … muddy meaning not totally clear – so I think this works!! What about you? Do you think it looks good .. or rather works for Dirty and Teal?

Do you Like This?

Do you like this? What do you see in it? I really like the swirly look – with the splash of color … Perhaps someone will enjoy this on products!! I think it could be kind of wild 🙂 Do you think this would look good on Zazzle or CafePress?

True Name for Dirty and Teal?

Is this image worth getting a true name? Got any ideas for a True Name? What do you see in this painting? How do you see it? This had been for another contest of Question and Exclaim. I have always liked this.

I hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for this challenge! Here are the entries for the other week’s Pepper and Salt. Anyone can join in, and I hope you give it a try!! We would love more people playing with us!

Big Blog News

My regular readers will see that I have a new look on the blog. I think this will look a lot better but clearly I have a lot of work left to do – especially on the sidebar. I am thinking of having the back that is now light purple at the sides be black … but haven’t gotten that far. I will be asking for opinions.  If you have any opinions, please share them … if you want to know what has been going on for me, please read my Facebook page http://facebook.com/DianeClancy.

I hope you are all well!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your day!! ~ Diane Clancy

Entry for Two Things Challenge

Two Things Challenge - Dirty and Teal Entry

Two Things Challenge – Dirty and Teal Entry
Dirty and Teal, Question and Exclaim, Digital © Diane Clancy


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