Two Things Challenge – Gesture and Costume Entry

Two Things Challenge - Gesture and Costume Entry

I like to enter the Two Things Challenge each week. This week is Gesture and Costume. This is my vibrant, colorful painting of Two Things Challenge – Gesture and Costume. I would sure say this whirling dervish woman has Gestures!  And this is quite a Costume!!  … so I think this works!!

Goddess Image

To me this is also a Goddess image – do you agree?    I really like her dancing!!   To me this is plenty good to go on products at Zazzle and CafePress.  Do you think they are good for CafePress and Zazzle?  Perhaps someone will  enjoy them!!

True Name for Gesture and Costume?

The true name of this painting is not Gesture and Costume.  Part of this digital painting was used for Portrait and Round.  Got any ideas for a True Name?  I feel she deserves a great one!!

I hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for this challenge! Here are the entries for the other week’s Chin and Cheek. Anyone can join in, and I hope you give it a try!! We would love more people playing with us!

I hope you are all well!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your day!! ~ Diane Clancy

Entry for Two Things Challenge

Two Things Challenge - Gesture and Costume Entry

Two Things Challenge - Gesture and Costume Entry
Gesture and Costume, Digital © Diane Clancy


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