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Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday is a wonderful blog where many people connect and share regularly!  Every week #IF #IllustrationFriday has a challenge for a specific word. It is a great way to showcase your work and a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people! Anyone can join in with their entry to Illustration Friday. I so much enjoy doing this challenge.

This week is shy.  This vibrant, colorful painting of shy looks like Shy to me!! I asked for some other feedback and they agreed.  I encourage you to check Illustration Friday out! Lots of fun people and paintings!!  Do you have any ideas for a good name for this image? I know Shy is not its true name!! Please join my mailing list – at the side of the blog or near the bottom of this post.  I hope your day and night are glorious!! Thank you so very much for reading this and checking in on me!! ~ Diane Clancy

My Shy Entry for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday - Shy

Shy, Digital © Diane Clancy

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