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Every week Illustration Friday has a challenge for a specific word. It is a great way to showcase your work and a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of wonderful people! Anyone can join in with their entry to Illustration Friday. I so much enjoy doing this challenge. This week is Hierarchy. This vibrant, colorful painting of Hierarchy show the gas bags, with very little substance that are sometimes at the top of a Hierarchy.  Notice the people close to the top also are very insubstantial (often but not always) … but the people at the bottom who keep things going have more substance and 3 dimensionality.  Notice the green environment – colors of money and greed!! I encourage you to check Illustration Friday out! Lots of fun people and paintings!


Hierarchy, Digital  © Diane Clancy

Thanks so much for being in my life and caring!!  What you are up to at this point of your life? Thank you for stopping by!

~ Diane Clancy

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Illustration Friday – Hierarchy — 5 Comments

  1. Nice interpretation of hierarchy – makes me think we need a different hierarchy! Hmmmm…. maybe I will give this a try =)
    ps – saw this on facebook, in case you wondered!

  2. Diane, your piece beautifully illustrates what my husband and I have experienced and discussed for years! I’m so glad someone else has noticed this unfortunate reality. Great statement!

  3. I love this image. Thanks! It also reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs. Our basic needs (love, food, water, air, esteem) must be taken care of first before we can blossom, grow and expand our awareness & presence in this world & universe. When our needs are met we can express our full potential and shine our light on all.

    Love + Laughter,

  4. So cool, Diane. Here is an interesting thought… having worked in management and lower down on the food chain, isn’t it interesting that it can be quite challenging to have that depth and still be a supervisor. The business world doesn’t want that… they want quick fixes and superficial mayors who smile and wave. Take one of those deep pebbles from the bottom, a worker bee, put them on top and they get eaten alive….

  5. Your interpretation of Hierarchy connects with me. I relate to your apt visual description of this concept! How true. ceevee

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