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Abby in Butterflies is another example of someone’s special animal companion enhanced by nature. Again, this is a complex layering process where Abby is scanned into the computer, “cut out” of her own background and placed onto a neutral background. This neutral background is actually my aunt’s photo as before.

Abby in Butterflies

Abby in Butterflies, Digital © Diane Clancy

Then butterflies are placed gracefully encircling Abby through the computer program Painter and then manipulated further in Photoshop. For more details of this process, see the post Freckles in Flowers I. The order of the layering is especially critical with these butterflies. Notice that I have sized them differently to give them perspective.

As far as I know, I am the only one using this particular creative process for digital paintings. I made it up and perhaps others have also – but I haven’t heard about them. Most people use Painter in different ways than I do.

Thank you for accompanying me through this journey.

– Diane Clancy

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Abby in Butterflies — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Sue, having the skills and resources to create new techniques with already acquired images or creating new images for continuing a new body of work is exciting.
    – Susan Elkin

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