My Diva Embracing the Yuck Challenge Entry

My Diva Embracing the Yuck Challenge Entry

Embracing the Yuck

Embracing the Yuck Challenge Entry, Pen, Pencil © Diane Clancy

Embracing the Yuck Challenge

Each week the Diva puts out a challenge for folks to make their representation of her idea. This week is the Weekly Challenge #194 : Embracing the “Yuck”. So here is what the Guest Diva, Ekisa, says this week ” This week’s challenge is inspired by the circumstances surrounding why Laura needs guest bloggers. … Any parent would feel unsteady and plain scared about their kiddo needing surgery. It’s an even more profound experience of fear and powerlessness when your kiddo has unique circumstances and is prone to throwing medical “curve balls”. Learning how to cope with these events becomes it’s own unique art form. Like The Diva, I speak from experience.

Here’s my idea.  Let’s show some Zentangle solidarity and support for Laura and other fellow “Zentanglers” fighting the feelings that come with being forced to sit with that unsteadiness and powerlessness.  My clinical term for this is, “Embracing the Yuck” (I’m so fancy).
With all of this in mind, your challenge is to tangle with your non-dominant hand (including shading and blending).  Cue the collective groan.  For those uniquely lucky souls who are ambidextrous, please hold your pen, etc.,  like you’re singing into a microphone.  

Let’s return to the foundation of Zentangle and focus solely on that process, celebrating the imperfection of the product.  Can you find the beauty in the discomfort? What happens when you tap into that shaky feeling as you navigate your tile?  Did you find a way to adapt?” So this is a little ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) using my left hand.

Zentangle Enticed Me

Zentangle has become popular the last couple of years and I have been intrigued and just starting put my attention to it. I am still putting one foot in front of the other at times still though this week things eased up a little!! :)  So above is my Left Hand Yucky Zentangle Tangle ZIA. This – of course – went in a very different direction than expected! Thank you to everyone who made comments on my posts these last weeks. That means a lot to me!!

Shaky Ville!

Well this is very humbling to see my left hand in action!!  Sometimes I have trained it some but not for awhile … and I do have fibro so am shaky than used to be in general.  I feel like a little kid trying to draw straight lines and frustrated because everyone else can!!!  :)  :)

Thank you for stopping by!! I LOVE comments!! ~ Diane Clancy

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